Speed Watch

Community Speed Watch is a national initiative where active members of local communities join with the support of the Police to monitor speeds of vehicles using speed detection devices. Following a training event from the police Safer Roads Partnership, Hill Chorlton now has a Speedwatch team. If you’d like to join the team then let us know and we’ll explain how you too can get qualified and help.

To volunteer for the Hill Chorlton Speedwatch team

First, download theĀ Community Speedwatch leaflet which gives more details about the scheme.

Then download and complete theĀ Community Speedwatch signup form which you will need to complete and sent in to the Community Speedwatch Co-ordinator:-

Community Engagement Coordinator
Community Speed Watch (CSW)
Staffordshire Police
Staffordshire Safer Roads Partnership
PO Box 2117, Stafford, ST16 9ZR

Tel: 01785-232702
Email: CSW@staffordshire.pnn.police.uk

And let us know via our contact form

About Community Speedwatch

You can read more about the scheme at their website

Speedwatch can only operate from approved sites where the speed limit is not more than 40mph as explained here:

Newly approved and established groups can propose new sites for use subject to safety approval. Proposing new sites is done by Group Coordinators through the ‘Site Wizard’. A ‘Site’ is defined as a combination of ‘a location’ and ‘a direction’. Some locations are not suited for observation in both direction and consequently only have one site. A new site must adhere to the following criteria:

a) Potential sites MUST be within the area the group intends to operate.
b) There must be a clear line of sight of at least 100 metres to the approaching or leaving vehicles in the intended observed direction.
c) The site must have a safe area of at least 2.5 metres from the edge of the road to allow pedestrian room to pass deployed operators without the need to step into the road.
d) CSW activity is not blocking entrance to – or exit from affected properties.
e) If a proposed site is situated on private land, the owner MUST give their express permission to the use of their land for the purpose of CSW activity.
f) CSW operators and their activity is clearly visible to drivers of approaching vehicles.

When looking at new possible sites, please bear in mind that the following criteria DISQUALIFY a site:

a) Site is not in 20mph, 30mph or 40mph speed limit zone.
b) Vehicles cannot be recorded within 200 meters of the start, end or change in speed limit.
c) Site is within a newly introduced or revised speed limit (within one year).
d) Site is within a speed limit which has ‘Project’ status.
e) Site is preceded by Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS).
f) Site within the confines of an area which has a number of identifiable traffic calming measures.
g) Site identified or located within 1.5 km of a mobile camera or static camera enforcement site on the same road.