Connecting the communities in Hill Chorlton, Woodside, Sandy Lane, Chorlton Moss,  Kennels Lane, Mill Lane and Lakeside

April 2021

Repairs to Chorlton Moss footpath, Spring in Hill Chorlton, Repair of Cheshire Railings, Flooding in Sandy Lane,  Parish Council Election, HC letterbox (still) missing, Speedwatch, HS2

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January 2021

Village appearance, Signs and SIDs, Speedwatch set up, More tidying and planting,  HC letterbox (still) missing, Speedwatch news

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November 2020

Traffic taming at Chapel Bend, Chorlton Moss Footpath, Hill Chorlton Speedwatch, Letterbox still missing, Speeding Horrors.

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September 2020

Road Safety Plan, Residents Survey Results, Speedwatch set up, Doing it for ourselves – pavement clearance, planting bulbs, HC letterbox missing,

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