Resources pertaining to traffic calming in rural villages

House of Commons Select Committee for Transport, Local Government and the Regions – Ninth Report, session 2001-2002, Road Traffic Speed, HC 557-I

Department for Transport Traffic Advisory Leaflets

TAL 3/93 Traffic calming special authorisations
TAL 7/93 Traffic calming regulations
TAL 13/93 Gateways
TAL 1/94 VISP (Village Speed Control Work Group) – a summary
TAL 2/94 Entry treatments
TAL 2/97 Traffic calming on major roads: A49, Craven Arms, Shropshire
TAL 14/99 Traffic calming on major roads: a traffic calming scheme at Costessey, Norfolk
TAL 1/00 Traffic calming in villages on major roads
TAL 11/00 Village traffic calming – reducing accidents
TAL 1/03 Vehicle activated signs
TAL 1/04 Village speed limits
TAL 2/04 Rural traffic calming: Bird Lane, Essex
TAL 3/04 Quiet lanes
LTN 1/07 Traffic calming

 Transport Research Laboratory

LR1118: Automatic speed warning sign – Hampshire trials
Project report 35: The effectiveness of village ‘gateways’ in Devon and Gloucestershire
Project report PPR200: Rural road safety – policy options
Project report PPR953: Perceptions of safety: findings from focus groups
TRL report 202: Trials of rural road safety engineering measures
TRL report 212: Traffic calming on major roads: the A49 trunk road at Craven Arms, Shropshire
TRL report 238: Traffic calming on major roads: the A47 trunk road at Thorney, Cambridgeshire
TRL report 245: Using the TRL driving simulator to evaluate traffic calming measures
TRL report 364: A traffic calming scheme at Costessey, Norfolk
TRL report 385: Traffic calming in villages on major roads, final report
TRL report 452: Changes in accident frequency following the introduction of traffic calming in villages
TRL report 500: Countryside traffic measures group: Traffic calming schemes in Norfolk and Suffolk
TRL report 501: Countryside traffic measures group: a traffic calming scheme at Charlwood, Surrey
TRL report 548: Vehicle-activated signs – a large scale evaluation
TRL report 641: ‘Psychological’ traffic calming
TRL report 920: Aspects of road layout that affect drivers’ perception and risk taking


Dorset County Council: Managing Dorset’s rural roads
Dorset AONB partnership, Reclaiming our rural highways
Dorset AONB Partnership and Hamilton-Baillie: Traffic in villages: safety and civility for rural roads
Nottinghamshire County Council: Traffic calming design guide


RoSPA: Rural road environment policy paper
RoSPA: Pedestrian safety policy paper
RoSPA: Helping drivers not to speed policy paper Village traffic