Signs and SIDs

Renewing the village sign at Chapel Bend will make the message that drivers are entering a residential area clearer. (Click on the image to enlarge it.)

The new village sign complements the existing natural tree-lined “gateway” on the approach to the village.

At the west end of the village visibility for residents emerging from their drives is restricted. Hence we can’t do anything that might restrict their visibility any further.

Placing a new village sign away from the tree makes it more visible and gives the opportunity to include a “please drive carefully” message. We’ve kept the sign on the hedge side of the footway – as originally sited by County Highways – so as not to interfere with visibility.

Positioning a new SID close to the entrance to the village means that drivers will make the association between the speed warning and the residential area that we want to protect. This site also has excellent upstream visibility for approaching traffic, so plenty of time for drivers to react to the message.

By positioning the SID in line with the existing telegraph pole visibility to the left for drivers emerging from Sandy Lane and for residents emerging from their drives will be protected.

The proposed re-siting of the westbound SID makes it more visible for westbound traffic and from a greater distance thereby giving drivers more time to absorb and react to the message.